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All The Details

You'll find all the details on this page to maintain a fun and safe experience.

If you can't find your answer below, contact us.


Each inflatable needs a standard 110-volt outlet within 100’ for operation. We include a 100’ extension cord as part of the rental.

Water Supply

A standard water spigot needs to be within 100’ to connect waterslides.  We include a 100’ garden hose as part of the waterslide rental.

Liability Waiver

Click the icon to review our liability waiver before the delivery day.

Payment Options

We require payment upon delivery. We prefer cash but will also accept credit card payments.

  • Is there an extra cost for delivery and setup?
    No, delivery and setup are included with the rental.
  • How far do you travel?
    We stay within a 25 mile radius of St. Louis, Michigan. With advance notice, and for a delivery fee, we will travel farther.
  • How many hours do we get to use the inflatable?
    Approximately 12 hours. We start deliveries at or about 7am and return to pick the inflatable back up starting at or about 7pm. We are flexible though so let us know what time your event is and how we can help.
  • Does someone need to be present when the inflatable is delivered?
    Yes, we need payment, the rental agreement & liability waiver signed, and we need to be shown where you want us to set up the inflatable.
  • Do you provide supervision for parties?
    No, we deliver and set up the inflatables and then leave until it is time to return to pick them back up.
  • Can I use water on your inflatables?
    Water can only be used on the waterslides.
  • Can kids and adults use the inflatables?
    Yes, please follow the weight and occupancy guidelines listed on each inflatable as it varies.
  • How much room do I need?
    The amount of space needed depends on the size of the inflatable. Refer to the description of each to find the size. It is best to plan on a clearance of 5’ on all sides of the inflatable. Remember to look for tree branches, powerlines, etc.
  • What kind of surface can the inflatable be set up on?
    We prefer to set up on grass but can also do dirt or pavement. The surface needs to be relatively flat with no incline and free from obstacles (including sticks and rocks).
  • Can I rent an inflatable at a park?
    Yes, please contact your local parks and recreation office before making any reservation. Any permits needed and knowing if an electric outlet is available is the responsibility of the renter and not of McQuaid Inflatables.
  • Should I mow my lawn?
    No, please don’t mow the day of or the day before. Fresh grass clippings create a mess inside the inflatables and can also make the bounce houses more slippery for kids.
  • How often are the inflatables cleaned?
    We clean each inflatable after every rental.
  • Will you still deliver in rain or severe weather?
    Inflatables can not be used in wind over 15mph. We will gladly help you reschedule for a later date. Looking at the forecast, if rain is expected for only a small part of the day we can still set up and give the renter instructions for how to best care for our equipment.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    No, but we would love to reschedule for you instead.
  • How do I cancel or reschedule my reservation?
    Please call, text, email, or facebook message us as far in advance as possible to cancel a reservation or reschedule for a later date.
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